Hello MY world

Oh the cheesy “Hello World!” first WordPress post.

Because who wouldn’t write “hello world” on a piece of toast?

I’m starting this blog because my other blog has too many followers that I don’t know, which is fabulous for some things and not so much for others. Shan’s Shenanigans was meant to be a more personal blog than My Nefarious Nahar Nahars (my first blog), which was very silly indeed, but then I was Freshly Pressed back in August for a post that, while personal, was rather silly in tone. Nothing wrong with a little silliness, but the problem with being Freshly Pressed for something like that is that you’ve gained all these followers who expect you to be funny all the time. Suddenly the more personal posts don’t feel in keeping with the tone of the blog and I no longer feel comfortable writing anything that isn’t funny or at least somewhat biting on my blog! That’s akin to feeling uncomfortable sitting by yourself in your own living room with a hot cup of cocoa and a good book. Who the heck would be uncomfortable with that!?

So, I wanted to start a new blog about the goings on in my life, be they funny, happy, sad or even monotonous. If I feel like blogging about what I ate for breakfast then you will be unfortunate enough to read about it. Oh don’t worry. These days, with a newborn attached to one boob or the other at all times, I don’t have time for breakfast. Or I think about eating breakfast for so long that I don’t realize that by the time I’ve sat down to eat it it’s already 1pm, thus making it lunch. If I want to share pictures of my Christmas baking or ten kajillion photos of my perfect baby boy then I will do so!

See? He’s perfect!
Photo credit: Touch of Cass Photography by Cass Gibb

This is also a nice way to record the milestones in baby Hunter’s life for my far off relatives and friends. There are too many to count and I wish they could all meet the babe in person. For now some photos and the ramblings of his mama will have to do!

And now Hunter is asleep and so should I be! I look forward to writing from the heart more often and I hope you will follow along.

Much love!